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Paws & Relax is the premier Doggie Day Care and Pet Hotel serving the Gramercy, Union Square, East Village, and Lower East Side neighborhoods of New York City.


Open 7 days a week
7 am - 7 pm

Day Care Hours
Drop Off: 7 am - 10 am
Pick Up: 4 pm - 7 pm

Boarding Hours
Drop Off: 7 am - 10 am
Pick Up: 7 am - 7 pm

Currently Offering NO MEMEBERSHIP FEE!

Doggie Day Care - Whether you are busy working long hours, taking a day trip to the beach, or just want a dog free day at home, bring your dog to Paws & Relax for playtime with other canine friends. Doggie day care provides quality socialization, which develops and improves a dog's ability to go anywhere, into any situation. Whether it be a crowded public street, or just for a ride in the car, socialized dogs remain calm, peaceful, and confident. Dogs that are not properly socialized are more prone to exhibit hyperactivity, fear, aggression, anxiety, excessive barking, and other undesirable behaviors when introduced to new stimuli.

Monthly Packages - At Paws & Relax, we offer a variety of monthly packages to accommodate you and your best friend. While our "fixed" packages have set days for attendance, those needing a little flexibility should try our "flex" packages. With these packages, you always have the flexibility to choose which days your dog will come and play. Your pooch may be better trained than our monthly packages, because unused days do not "roll-over" from week to week. Packages auto-renew on the first of the month. Please contact us at least 7 days prior to the start of a new month if you would like to change or cancel your package.

Bark Card - Not ready for a monthly package? Give our "Bark Card" a try. Purchase 10, 15, 20, or 60 visits in advance, and we'll give you some additional days of daycare for free! You can redeem these days at your leisure.* We just ask that you give us a call and let us know when you're coming to play.

Boarding - In addition to Day Care, we offer overnight boarding. Whether you are going on vacation, a business trip, having a dinner party, or just in need of a night out on the town, overnight boarding services at Paws & Relax will ensure your dog receives the love and attention it always gets at home. Your dog will spend the day in day care, follow the same feeding routine as at home, and sleep overnight with one of our team members. At Paws & Relax, we are proud to offer "Free Range Boarding," in which the dogs have free range of the facility. We do not use wire kennels or chainlink fencing, but rather let the dogs sleep wherever they like. We provide dog beds and blankets for them. Many pups love to curl up on the couch, and some even snuggle in bed with the staff member working the overnight shift.

Dog Walking - For those pups that would rather relax at home, but still need a break during the day, we offer both 30 minute walks, and 60 minute walks. All walks are individual, so it is just the walker and the pup. No worrying about your pooch getting along with the other pooches in a large pack. We do, of course, make an exception for sibling dogs if requested. Our walking service is intended for regular occuring needs, with a minimum of once a week. Walks take place between 11am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.

Sibling Discount - Do you have multiple dogs? Ask us about our sibling discount!